Thursday, 12 April 2012

Tips; How To Buy Perfume

While browsing through forum, I found this post from one of the forumer giving tips on what you should know when come to 'BUYING PERFUME'. So, I want to share it here, but its applicable to original perfume only ya.

1. Always go sampling with an empty stomach – when human is hungry (not until the starving stage la), your senses will be more sensitive, especially to the smell. Thus you will have a better judgment on which perfume is more suitable for you.

2. Normally when you go the counter, the promoter would love to spray the perfume on your palm. I won’t recommend it as you may ‘carry’ the smell to every counter when you are sampling other perfumes. Just ask the promoter (politely) to spray it on the rectangular sampling paper, sniff it and walk away. No, you are not being rude. You see, when the promoter sprayed the perfume to the paper, you will smell what we call as the ‘First Note’ of the perfume - the first impression of the perfume. This smell will not last long. You should wait for the ‘Base Note’ to develop, which may take 30 minutes to hours. Some of you may ask “hey what happen to the Middle Note?” You are right but trust me, not many can notice the difference between the first note and middle note. 

3. Never ever sample more than 2 perfumes at one time. If you really need to, than ask (politely) for some coffee beans. And no, don’t walk away with the beans and grind them at home (ok I know I am trying to be funny). The coffee beans are meant for you to sniff to eliminate the smell of the perfume which may still ‘linger’ in your nose. Of course, by asking for coffee beans, it makes you look very classy, as if you are an expert (even thought this could be your first ever perfume). After sniffing, wait for a while and ask the promoter to spray another perfume on the sampling paper. Repeat the process of sniffing the coffee beans if you still want to sample more perfumes (and watch out for the face expression of the promoter: you want to buy or you want to ‘kau kau chan’?)

4. So if you already make up your mind which one to go for, ask the promoter to spray it on your palm and walk away. Allow the perfume to mix with your body to generate the real smell. This process may take up to 2 hours. So feel free to have your lunch (at last!), do your shopping and make your own final judgment if this perfume will reflect your personality.

5. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself being served by a ‘feminine’ boy (or guy?). After all, you will see them at most of the perfume counters. Believe me, they are more willing to explain to you the difference among a sea of perfumes and allow you to try on them (I mean the perfumes!). They have all the patience (except for one or two that I came across) and normally will not force you to purchase. Unlike some ladies at the perfume counters, their main concern is “I want to sell you this perfume although I am not sure if it suits you. So don’t waste my time as I have more important things to do (translation: to ‘pat’ with other promoters) and sorry ya even though you buy 10 bottles from me I won’t give you my mobile number”. Sign….some ladies are so ‘perasan’ they think that every guy would like to bed them.…

6. Perfume should reflect your personality (when it mixes with your body chemical) so don’t apply too much perfume on your body. Sometime we don’t realize this as our sense (nose) is too used to the smell and we can’t tell if we are over applying it. Trust me, you don’t want people to ‘notice’ you 100 feet away. To me, 2 dabs are more than enough and always dab the perfume on the pulse spot as the heat generated from your pulse with emit the smell and the perfume will last longer on your body. You may practise this: one on your palm and the other one on your neck or chest.

7. If possible, get 2 or 3 different perfumes and rotate using them. Always store your perfume away from direct sunlight. If possible, do what I do: I keep them in my refrigerator smile.gif It can last for more than 3 years la wei!!

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